Media Reform Roadmap for Sudan

Following the signing of the August 2019 Interim Constitutional Declaration and formation of the transitional government, the Minister of Culture and Information engaged UNESCO Khartoum office to conduct a review of the state of the media sector in Sudan using the UNESCO Media Development Indicators (MDI). The purpose of the project, in accordance with UNESCO's mandate, is:

To accompany Sudan in the process of democratic transition by contributing to the development of free, independent and pluralistic media through a comprehensive Assessment Report on the national media landscape based on UNESCO's Media Development Indicators and the provision of a Roadmap for Media Reform.

The objective of the Media Landscape Assessment is to identify gaps to be addressed, and to provide recommendations for policy, law and regulatory reform. The objective of the Media Reform Roadmap is to list appropriate tasks and sequence them for the implementation. The main gaps to be addressed are summarized below followed by the recommended priority areas for action by government and an indicative list of priorities for support by NGOs and international partners. It is further noted that the constitutional reform process provided for in the Constitutional Declaration 2019 to be conducted over the next three years provides an opportunity to review and strengthen Sudan’s foundational guarantees of media freedom and the right to freedom of expression.

The project was kindly supported by the UNESCO Multi-Donor Programme for Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists, and the British Embassy in Sudan.

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